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Typing Services

Client Speak

A million thanks for your typing service. I am more than satisfied with all the work your company provided. It is reliable, accurate and fast.

Lin, Bi Xin (Germany)

Typing Services India

... You have completed the project brilliantly, and I will certainly be using your company again. Simply excellent!

Mary Burgoyne (USA)

Typing Services India

Thanks for your hard work and professionalism.

Avedis Soghigian (Germany)

Typing Services India

Thank you for the excellent job. We will definitely use you again when needed.

Laura Derrer (USA)

Typing Services

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Have you been looking for Most Reliable Typing Services???

Look No Further!

We offer unparalleled Typing Services at the MOST AFFORDABLE RATES!

Who are WE?

We are a team of PROFESSIONAL TYPISTS with over a decade of typing experience. Our team offers the highest degree of accuracy, and we guarantee quick and satisfactory completion of all typing works at the most competitive rates.

 Typist ACCURACY GUARANTEED!!! We guarantee 100% accuracy for Scratchless, Clearly Readable and Insertion free source document.

What Do We Offer?

We offer fast turnaround and excellent prices for turning PDF files, scanned documents, typed as well as handwritten manuscripts into MS Word format. We take pride in giving a fast turnaround and make sure that your manuscripts are delivered well ahead of time!

If you need help with documents that are smudgy, not clear, pixellated, not fit for OCR or of poor handwriting, you can hire us immediately. We hold expertise in converting such documents into editable format with bare minimum errors.

  • Data Entry
  • Word Processing
  • Handwritten Manuscripts
  • Printed Transcripts/Manuscripts
  • Screenplays
  • All Manuals
  • All kinds of Agreements
  • Correspondence Letters
  • Reports
  • Lease Deeds
  • Contracts
  • Deposition Summaries
  • Court Briefs
  • Case Pleadings
  • Hearing Proceedings
  • Thesis Papers
  • Term Papers
  • Class Notes


We assure you that your manuscripts will be 100% safe with us in regard to privacy and we will never reveal its contents to any third party even in the form of sample work! We understand the value of academic work, importance of legal transcripts and importance of interviews! We promise that we shall always maintain strict confidentiality of your manuscript.

Our clients usually comprise of law firms, teachers, students, researchers, scholars and authors. We understand their passion and efforts that they have put into their work. We respect that hard work and value each job with the highest regard! We understand that none of these works from our clients have been published earlier and will be ready to go into print as original. Therefore, we maintain complete confidentiality to each of our jobs.

Read Our Confidentiality Agreement!

What are Our Rates

Our clients remember us for highest accuracy with our lowest rates and fastest turnaround. Check out our UNBEATABLE RATES for all kinds of typing jobs. If you have volumes, we have discounts! Check out our DISCOUNTS PAGE for bulk orders!

Printed Copy Typing:

  • $ 0.5 USD per Double Spaced page (300 words max)
  • $ 0.8 USD per Single Spaced page (500 words max)
  • $1.6 USD per 1000 words

Handwritten Manuscript Typing:

  • $ 0.99 USD per page
  • $ 2.5 USD per 1000 words.



You can even fax your Quote Request at 1-815-261-5255. Just remember to mention a valid email address on the document so that we reply to you promptly.



What Do You Need to Give Us?

All originals must be typed or clealy well written. Hand-written manuscripts should be clearly legible for minimum understanding effort. We charge extra for unclear documents. So if you have poorly scanned documents, handwritten manuscripts with poor handwriting, ask us for a quote. Though we undertake all measures to keep the materials safe, we do not gaurantee anything except the privacy.

We Also Offer


It is often difficult to proofread your own work. When you write your own articles or research papers, it is quite natural to overlook typos or small grammatical mistakes. We tend to overlook simple errors even after reading the work several times over. A fresh set of eyes can easily detect such errors.

Try out our Proofreading services. We comb every document for even the finest errors including typographical errors, misspellings and formatting inconsistencies.